Friday, July 24, 2009

santas, big metal + maureen

There are 2 paintings by our front door. They are oils by Mike Foley from an exhibit called Santa Christ, 2005. His magical, one-night, December show was so impressive, albeit fleeting. A dozen successful takes on the theme of combining Santa Claus and Jesus Christ into one being.

On a very cold art hop Friday night, Foley and his wife took over a dark wing of the Millennium Center, hung the work from the high ceiling. They burned prayer candles below each painting, with the candles sitting on individual columns. (We positioned a small entry lamp below the 2, which i just realized is reminiscent of the prayer candle feeling.) Foley arranged the art hanging in a crucifix footprint, like a real cathedral. There was just open space and darkness between them. There were hushed and shuffling noises and comments by folks setting up some other event to take place later that night, way across the dark stage. It was spooky, provocative, singularly impressive - and i picked out what i call sleeping sexy santa, while Matt chose what he calls spooky homeless santa. and they hang by the front door year round, Christmas or not.

Between our taller than usual dinning room wall sconces is a metal sheet with cut out circle - it came with the loft. This found art was salvage from our bedroom window. It had been welded into place, many years ago, and was mounted with a large fan and motor.

At some point when construction was starting, we asked for them to hold onto the large sheet, free of fan blades, motor and rivets. We planned to get it hung on this dining room wall, and have been really happy it is there. Our contractors were able to devise and execute this final installation for us.

And to close this run of at the loft art postings, and with her permission, i wanted to present 2 other angel paintings by Maureen McCarron.

I am sharing her photos of her work so you can see them better, besides the fact that i can not phone photo them. they are soon to travel from new york to winston-salem, to join Little Pinkie. They are titled Colliope followed by Sam I Am.


  1. They look so much better on you black blog wall than on my white one!

  2. Had always wondered about the Santas, and we love your "salvage art"... you really have a good eye!

  3. thanks and thanks - to Maureen and Doug!