Saturday, July 18, 2009

additional art collected

Saturday's sample starts with Gomer Shazam, by Laurie Russell. She is a Seed member and does snappy pop and political art as well as her pet portraits. We fell in love with this Gomer face, fresh from Mayberry, and all the corn (as in cornball or corniness) that it provokes. He's a bit sexy in her sly rendition, so that was all it took. he's grinning at us - anxious to please - from above the kitchen clock, day and night.

Another work by Millicent is this Alice in Wonderland 3D piece. Millicent added the door that's swung open, the figure of Alice, plastic roses and mirror squares on the back wall so the viewer sees themselves peering back at Alice; just as Alice sees her own reflection.

Our Big Eyed Circus Babies are large paintings by Tiffany O'Brien. She was a Seed member but now lives in New York City's Soho neighborhood. She and husband Lee were also next door neighbors, who bought our first house, as Matt and i moved next door. We got a bigger place, staying in our downtown area and happily got to pick our neighbors by selling them our old home.

Tiffany and i collaborated not only in the Seed gallery coop but contributed to the Art-o-Mat project that was born in Winston-Salem. We also, over the years, curated our own at home 2 person exhibitions. We have traded and bought each other's work for the past 8 years. these circus freaks are early 2000s time frame. I have another one, maybe 2007, that hangs under Little Pinkie - See July 15th post.

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  1. Tiffany's works certainly are wonderfully weird, or is it weirdly wonderful? I also like Laurie Russell's works. We need to have her do a portrait of Annie!