Thursday, July 23, 2009

african, brother, dogs, and photo

Opposite our "Hall of Mirrors" - i keep that in quotes because it's just a bunch of mirrors - big gaudy, old and new, some beveled, some not. They hang across from and around our "library." Also in quotes since it is just the big turquoise book case, up to the ceiling, where all our books live. We do precious little reading in those wing backs at the front door. But it's a great place to sit and rest and look around.

I have a sick friend who wanted me to have what we affectionately call the African Voo Doo lady. My friends grand children were afraid of this exquisite elongated ebony carving from Africa. Actually, her son said it gave him the willys too, so i know now why her grand boys didn't want it around. It floats very nicely in a long white space where the library bookcase ends and the brick around the window starts. It is the perfect place for our graceful voodoo lady.

My brother Rob Norwood has art in our loft too. This lovely abstract landscape, he painted years ago, has set the standard for serene and lonely garden passage. It's an empty place with a million things going on. I have included a detail close-up from the center of this fine painting.

Below it we hung a lithograph gift of 2 happy, loving dogs, titled Best Pals. It was a gift from Sharon Hamilton, a jewelry artist and dog loving friend. We got the print as a gift because we have 2 happy, loving dogs and Sharon was foster mom for our second pup. She was the one who introduced us and thought that he would be a great addition to our family.

John Bassir's photo - man with onion - was a wedding gift to us over a dozen years ago. John was a gifted scientist and photographer. He was working on his PhD in microbiology and lived in Matt's apt. building back when we first meet. And i knew him from the medical school where i worked. Unfortunately he suffered from severe depression and took his own life not long ago, leaving a new wife and unborn child.


  1. Great post, great art and objects. African lady is kind of scary, but your karma is nice and clean so I think it's safe for you to have her, and your brother's garden painting is beautiful. Sorry about your friend John.

  2. Echoing Maureen's comments... love the African lady... we need to show you the African headrest/pillow we bought some time ago. The story about your friend John is very sad.