Monday, July 6, 2009

July and Lots of Sun

No more about the weather...well some maybe. It was just so rainy, for so long, with that jet stream running low. And now i have the summertime i love, good and hot.

And no more whining about the many places to promote and indulge myself on the Internet. I decided i like opla plaza on blogger, so i'll keep it. I will drop other things before long, for i have way too many social networking sites for them all to be relevant or even maintained.

I like the idea of opla plaza as the busy cross roads in the center my mind- as place of lots of movement, living at the same time with total peace and quiet. Last week i added the phone photo i took down at the coast. A good size rose bush surrounded by oyster shells, looking a bit like a Christmas tree with snowy skirt. I like it.

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