Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calliope & Sam Arrived

A quick foot note to the July series of art in my loft. These 2 exquisite paintings by Maureen McCarron arrived and are resting in our bedroom for the moment. We are painting the walls a medium-dark olive drab that will really feature these colors.

Calliope is a touch pinker than this photo reveals and lives in front of the most beautiful golden and orange background field. The pointillist style creates such depth, especially with the metallic paint added. I have brought Little Pinkie into the room and it's like Calliope is the big sibling.

The Sam I Am figure is not as pale as i expected but is a fabulous swirl of reds and blues = purples. The green background works so well, besides the fact that green is my favorite color and the upholstery and bedding is all greens and some purple. We don't hang art work just to match one fabric or the other - but sometimes there are color themes that just emerge and are satisfying.

These angels (see background info on Archetypal Angels back in March, April and May 09) are watching over us now. Really excellent additions to the home place.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing these at your loft in person the other day! They're very cool!