Wednesday, July 15, 2009

little pinkie

I am planning and have started collecting phone shots of art in our loft - am enjoying the project thus far - it should fill up the next week or 2.

Before that begins, let me show you more pictures of Little Pinkie. When this angel painting, by Maureen McCarron, came to live with us last March, i moved it from room to room on a daily basis. I finally found a resting place to hang it at the top of a salon wall collection of artworks. This angel ghost watches over the group and because of July 13th post, i wanted more shots of Pinkie with my computer.

I love this one of Pinkie helping me work on the blog posting about himself.
But he was sort of aggressive and got on top of the keyboard in order to see better.
And then this final shot, for now, of Pinkie on my fab little desk, at my grubby brick wall under amazing windows; Notice the perfection, in these 2 pics, of warm gold light and cool blue light...boner time again.

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  1. I think Little Pinkie likes being down where the action is.