Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a phone camera?

It is unbelievable to me that, more and more, i like my phone camera. After having a cell phone for years, and having truly no interest in taking pictures with my phone...well now i like it.

I suddenly have found the off-quality, low light factor appealing. Not to mention the convenience of always having it with me, and it being so easy to email pictures to folks or to myself for future use, like on my blog. The rose bush & oyster shells as masthead for opla plaza is an example. After lunch, one warm day in Southport NC, i took the shot that has proved satisfying.

Am reminded how in the early 1980s, i was using a pocket Kodak Instamatic 110. The negatives were microscopic and the prints came from the drug store in a square format, which i liked. The quality was ragged and light would leak in somehow. For about 2 years i shot portraits of friends in the grainy low-quality photo style. But i digress- and promise to post some of that collection of faces for opla plaza in the future.

Back to phone cameras, Matthew set the stage for my interest. He not only has taken over for me as family photographer, using the new digital camera he gave me for Christmas a few years ago, but he just loves techy toys. He and i use iPhones now and the ease of all functions, camera included, is astounding. But regularly, Matt will grasp and embrace some new tech and gagets much quicker than i do. He likes the spontaneity of a phone camera - i like it's artistic dreaminess. And then while Matt wants to use the new Kodak digital for "good photos", I still like my old Lomo LCA (see April 8, 2009, opla plaza post) and our Pentax 35 m.

Here are 2 shots he took from his desk, with his phone, viewing the impressive Reynolds Building across the street, 17 floors up; one with sheets of rain and the other with the moon in the distance.

I think Matt has a great eye. He had his first photography exhibit in March 2009.

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  1. Nice post and nice photos, I've been enjoying taking photos more lately, too. I'd love to take a photography course somewhere. Do you know of any? I subscribed to your blog, so now I will get notified when you post something new.