Thursday, July 16, 2009

more friends art

I am continuing to share art works that Matt and I have collected. This will go on for 5 or 6 postings i believe. Some art were gifts, or were purchased or were traded with artist friends - my paintings for theirs. Great artists are willing to do that from time to time. I reject the claim, by certian artists, that it just a custom or habit for young and less professional artists.

So then, in this corner of our "Hall of Mirrors" are 2 provocative and introspective silk screen prints under glass by Woodie Anderson, an intense Chilean desert photo collage by Dave Urena and a charming Day of the Dead painting, by Millicent Greason Spivak, with orange plastic flowers in each corner. Woodie, Dave and Millicent are Seed Gallery coop members with me, as is Danny Whitmer, further below.

Woodie's works here, with soft/bad focus and under glass, include reflections of art beside it.

And last is graffiti artwork by Danny Whitmer. This work was in his senior thesis exhibit at UNC School of the Arts, High School a few years ago. Matt and i had the large and heavy piece installed/ screwed into the best place for it, in our loft, where it fits between a door frame and steel I-beam column. A big strapping carpenter was hired to do this work. We also requested a trimming out of the 5 x 5 inch section at the top to accommodate the fire alarm, with Danny's okay, after the fact. The extracted mini graffiti detail rests on top. I like to take it down, and move it around, from time to time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pieces of your collection with us!