Monday, July 13, 2009

photos of artwork

I am delighted to tell you how much i like this angel painting, Little Pinkie. and i say i like it a lot! It is by Maureen McCarron, friend in new york city. I got it for my bday this year, and i took this picture with my phone when Maureen had the painting featured on her blog.

Am delighted with the photo too. i love the image in an image, repeating, flirting with the mirror in front of a mirror idea. The very meta-ness of it all. next i should photograph my blog entry, with the original pic on my computer and add it to this post, etc. you get the idea.

Also i really like my small computer, on my small desk, under giant industrial window, above the solid but shabby painted brick in the loft we live in. And lord, whenever i see gold and blue in the same photo, i get aroused, so to speak. Warm yellows and cool blues, hot and cold, sweet and savory.

Matt's 2nd photo in my last post, July 8, is an example of the tingly gold and blue in a photo. And here is another wonderful example of cool blue & warm gold in one photograph. It was taken late afternoon by John Samadhan Harter. He is a friend from vienna austria, who with his wife, Christiane, were visiting us.

Also i get to show little more of the big dramatic, romantic windows i get to live with, dream about, and postpone ever cleaning. My silent dream scape, mental cross roads place called opla plaza, was born just before i walked in this old warehouse we now call home.

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