Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June and Lots of Rain

Here's my June blogging effort - as i slowly examine and re-examine communications, networking and virtual socializing. Years ago i got in MySpace and Facebook and now have many accounts on things from Lomography to Yelp. I have visited Dot Soul and Second Skin or City or Me -you know the one. I even have created and maintained sites for other folks - famous, dead and otherwise. All these "places" are intriguing and flashy each in their own way. But they have gotten sorta loud - vying for my attention.

Cutting back on these sites - The designing, enhancing and updating - is growing old. I liked them when they were new and different. Now it seems like lots of work.

Anyhow - too much rain is like too much noise, and vice versa. I can't believe that for nearly 4 weeks i gotten rained on whenever i walk my dogs. Of course there are lots of other things, cool stuff and sad stuff, that is happening. It's good to just carry on, Right?

Over and out. Alex

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  1. Sick of the rain here too, sinking into despair, does the weather have anything to do with it?