Wednesday, April 15, 2009

that kid in my facebook

Of course he's cute. And he is beefy - but almost too beefy. And it's made all the better by the aqua tint to his shirt, the background, and even his hair. I really like aqua. His name is Jeremy Mulkey, dime a dozen male models we see everywhere. Well at least everywhere i am looking. One can image google his name for more photos.

Every day in Facebook, there he is in the right-hand ads column. Workout Secrets, Etc, like from Hugo Ramsey and his Get Your Six Pack blog. Bless his heart i hope Hugo's ads in FB are worth it, and he is getting customers. enough to cover his future legal fees.

All American Guys owns this shot. That's easy to know since they put their name on him. How it got cropped into an ad on Facebook is unknown. Copyright, copyright!!

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