Tuesday, April 14, 2009

busy, busy

sick & not sick:
oh my Wow - they kicked her out of Hospice! I have five women friends and family who are battling cancer this year. some are fairing better than others. but they all are doing well with the fight itself. the one friend, with end stage cancer who is not up for surgery and chemo since it has spread so extensively - well she has gotten stronger. she not losing weight and must find assisted living. After 8 or 10 weeks in Hospice, they're throwing her out.

baby, baby, baby:
This year five women we know are having babies. I did a list of really the very best baby names ever. I then sent it to them all. Last night Minda gave birth to Lucille Dali and so now, four more new ones to come. I don't think Lucille was on my list.

internet domain registration, oh my;

I have maintained a web site for "me as artist" since 1999. Last Friday i heard that my web host for alexnorwood.com was going out of business. I'm digging around to stay the course. messy internet domain, registrars and hosts - and guess what? nothing is free. And then our internet access at home is kaput...gone bye bye for now and wasting lots of our energy.

one single painting;

This painting is the only picture i made after September 11, 2001. it took me a couple of months before i could even consider "making art." it all seemed too trivial.

This painting in oil was about 32 x 32. The name, Evil Quarters came quickly. Only produced this one painting that year - I moved to writing a book of my fictionalized memoirs. After about 12 months, when i finished the book, my paintings of faces began. The faces were all faces from the book, people i've know. Or sometimes, maybe, the faces were also self-portraits.

Evil Quarters, was in some shows, then stretchers warped and i cut it off the frame, and rolled it up. Later it got grommeted in the top corners, and hung that way for awhile. Then i was re-stretching it - smaller now, and ended up cutting it too small. I decided i didn't really like it anyway and was done with it - or maybe it was that i had ruined it, and was pissed off. In any case i destroyed it, so it's gone. Artists get to destroy artwork, our own stuff anyway. Most of us give ourselves permission to do that.

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