Wednesday, April 8, 2009

going forward, dreamily

heloo heloo;

After lamely admitting i'm not sure where opla plaza is going, i decided it is going forward and going just fine. review of art and photography. sexual identity and diversity. spiritual experience. cultural trivia and observations.

This fella in a very full posing strap from the 1950s is a favorite of mine. A bit of male barbie doll, and a lot of brand new man-ness. Love the hair cut and the composition. Sepia seems perfect.

I wonder what he's looking at.

And before i drift off too far, i want to offer my other now sepia-colored film work from VCU 1971. This surrealistic epic, starring Lew Lott, is a dreamy -and for me - satisfying trip. I like how it documents our neighborhoods in Richmond from 38 years ago.


Rest & Activity was a big theme of the Maharishi. I learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) in Richmond in 1970. i meditate every day, and it helps. I didn't meditate for lots of years, it was off and on. Life is off and on, rest and action.

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