Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dream on baby !

I should mention i am not sure where this web log is going...pretty pictures i find & paintings i have made will continue for sure. Thoughts and philosophy, clever observations and positive encouragement will play a role. Maureen's 2 blogs are a great example of doing it right. (Archetypal Angels and Maureen Donegal)

Laura Lashley has had a blog for years (Laura Lashley) that has been fun and seems more updated than her web site. Same deal for me - i keep looking for something easier than a dot com. (alex norwood artwork) And more Internet 2.0 -interactive -easy - free- like my facebook and myspace which i have found interesting for years.

I have to admit i am not a blog reader per se. But i do like to look at the pictures...an Andy Warholism of mine. He was the giant influence in art school in the late 60s. So, here's to Warholian dreams, my film work from senior year, 1971, starring Maureen McCarron and Emily Wicker.

Dream on...

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