Wednesday, April 8, 2009

night meditation

Love my little Russian Lomo LC-A camera, with no flash - lens just stays open as long as you "need" - so - lots of messy dreamy, sometimes lively, color streaks. These shots of mine were well after sunset and look at the shade of blue in the sky!

So atmospheric. so hard to load the film...

This is the humongous Stephansdom Gothic cathedral in the middle of Vienna, with Matt. That is Anna's shoulder passing to the right. Coming by this massive structure was awing. I was stunned and enthralled by is scale, stark yet detailed, silent but tingling with a 1000 years of human activity. I dream about our first night in Vienna and passing this church.

And i meditate twice a day, doing the TM ala Transendental Meditation, and have done so for the past 5 years. As i've said, it does some good. The 1990s saw sporadic regular meditation, mostly oriented around Buddhism thanks to Mr. Smith's influence. He is shuddering to hear that he influenced anyone. All those good poems too.

Also in the 1990s i spent some years "with" Mother Meera - her influence and her devotees. At that time was a young German medical student devotee that i dated, the year before i met Matt. I will save her story for later.

Eastern traditions started with Maharishi and TM. I was initiated in VCU's old English building in Richmond's Fan district on a cold, rainy night in December 1970. It cost $35 dollars and the prettiest young man named Kennedy was my teacher. He was killed 4 years later in a plane crash over North Carolina mountains. later in the 70s Sri Chinmoy was a potent influence albeit a short one. I was a disciple of his less than a year. After Chinmoy, i became an Episcopalian and then started drinking a lot and did not want to belong to anything.

The church was not to blame.

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