Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kiwi, meet Kiki

I must be really losing it but i find this just hysterical. And all day i have been giggling about my silliness. a lovely young woman i know has the newly minted nickname of Kiwi - like the fruit, or maybe the bird. well it's actually the fruit.

When i was a little boy, i had a charm collection - all things miniature, plastic, metal, wooden or ceramic. A very small cat was one of my prize tiny items and it was female and i named her Kiki. Not long ago i retrieved Kiki, whom i still own and have kept track of for 50 some years, and placed Kiki in my medicine cabinet. This gesture was in compliment to Matt having a childhood ceramic miniature Scottie, called Tish, in his medicine cabinet. Tish was named after a real dog he and bro, Ricky, owned and played with growing up. the symmetry of our 2 sinks and 2 cabinets with tiny childhood ceramic pets was appealing.

it so happened that when Kiki moved into my medicine cabinet, i had just opened some novelty - translates children's - band aids. A tin for Matt contained black ones w/ scull and cross bones. Mine were yellow with pictures of a monkey wearing a fez. Definitely a Curious George sort of monkey, like the great children's books, that i suffered by since my first name is George. Within our respective band aid cans were tokens!, like in Cracker Jack. I got a little plastic monkey, George, with fez and Matt got a black duck with an eye patch and bandanna on his head. So Kiki had a curious monkey and Tish got a pirate duck.

When i heard about the Kiwi nickname the other day, i immediately thought of my Kiki. I kept saying the 2 names in my head and visualized their spelling. And then i suddenly wanted to say,"Kiwi, meet Kiki." I got tickled and remembered "Uma, meet Oprah," ala David Letterman pathetically hosting the Oscars. It's all very silly but guess what? I took pictures and emailed them to Kiwi. She'll probably never reply.

besides, i wanted to show off my medicine cabinet.
i dare you photograph your medicine cabinet.

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