Thursday, September 10, 2009

upon finding my opla

Maybe i go to London and Penzance, Great Britain and maybe i visit an island called St. Michael Mount.

So i start planing a trip.

And during my planning i realize that not only is St Michael Mount near Penzance but i'm looking at all these stunning images of the castle monastery i want to visit. And i get goose bumps cause it is the same place i first saw years ago in a very random picture of a guy at St. Micheal Mount who was cute and was wearing a tee shirt with image. I have a good friend named Heidi so i gave her the picture. It was she who identified the amazing castle looming over his shoulder.

Then there is the wonderful, but little known singer Georgia Gibbs. i fell in love with her and this one recording i discovered 3 years ago wandering in MySpace. I did Myspace for a lot of years before letting it, and my multiple profiles, go in 2009. She was from the big band era into recording of albums. She died in 2006.

Grace Jones is more familiar -but not in this yearbook shot of her at 16 years old. it is another old myspace treasure of mine.

I am a big fan of this wild woman, love all her music, old and new, spoken or sung. Please indulge a recent release, Corporate Cannibal. this music and video are just so cool.

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