Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it's my life again

Per some talk w/ blogging friends... getting comments to our posts shouldn't determine success. Followers come and go, comments can happen whether is a great story or not. What to blog about, or not, should be totally to the whim of the writer. I try to weave and tie topics and themes together. i like the results most times. Other times it feels muddled or lame. i might fix or fiddle, or i might not.

So it's about stuff i'm interested in; film art culture, music, black & white, phone photos, architecture, dreamy, sexy, meditation, etc. Or my dogs. Or Eric Burdon - seen above with the band War. he is known as Eric Burdon & the Animals, or the New Animals, and Eric Burdon and War from the 1960s into the 1970s. I thought of this photo after i used the Talk Talk photo the other day. Very Similar black & white photos. More cute boys for sure. again one fellow is shirtless, and everyone looks venerable, quizzical, innocent and full of sexual energy. Their song, It's My Life, connects us to my last It's My Life post with music, 20 years apart. Notice also in this video, George Maharis hosting Hullabaloo and the very weird /disturbing set for the performance.

look again at the Burdon photo and see their long narrow scarves - a big hippie thing. And so here is your's truly in this color photo, from 2007, in Golden Gate Park after outing all along the Haight. I found the narrow gold paisley silk scarf with black fringe that i'm wearing - right out of the used clothing store and into the park. i was there silently remembering the 40 year anniversary of the Summer of Love, so i found me one of those scarves. I think i mostly wore it on that day only, but need to get it out again.


  1. Don't get discouraged. i literally blogged in obscurity for months and months before folks started to come around to see the content.
    You also have to remember that Google Reader and other RSS readers have made us all dull boys when it comes to making visits or commenting, because it saves us time and we can scan more content without leaving the reader. I noticed a steep decline in page views and comments right after Blogger introduced the "Following" feature on the Dashboard.
    The only sad part about it that I realized I had to provide more visual content just get folks' attention. Let's face it, a lot of people just quit reading altogether some time ago.
    They will come.

  2. what great input - Thank you...i think some fellow bloggers are more discouraged than me. i really don't mind that much. just wanted to chat it up a bit. And great point about the Readers + RSS...hadn't thought of that.
    PS - i get more feed back sometimes on my facebook page where people know i'll see it and they can be seen.
    btw, you write so well, as on 9/11...that was a no visual day...grins.