Friday, September 18, 2009

its my life & life is what you make it

Enough about my big windows, opla dreams and random photos. A Talk Talk video, which i put on facebook this week, to general approval, has been on my mind all week. it's an old song that i know and love, Its My Life, 1984. I was 35. And Mel, a girl friend from Austria, was 15. She likes this song a lot too.

There are 2 versions of the video, the original UK version is just the animals. the US version, that i linked to above, has the band superimposed over the animals - i like it either way.

Another old song by this group i discovered, for the first time this week, is Life is What You Make It, 1986. Again, lots of animals running around in thie video which i don't really understand. But it's sure fun to watch. this band seems so optimistic, life-affirming and full of positive inspiration. it's doing me some good.

And then to change the subject a bit - well a lot... this young maple tree is down our block very suddenly added it's red coloring - i was shocked that it happened over night. Negotiating two dogs on leashes in the rain, and under a giant umbrella, i didn't see the new coloring until we were right beside it and i looked up. i love the fall so we start the slide down to the end of the year and the depths of winter - with it's promise of spring.

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