Tuesday, September 1, 2009

busted foot and studio window

this is a late August, Sunday morning view out my studio window - latest of the phone photos. i am constantly amazed that i'm so lucky to live in this old warehouse loft with really big windows. how big are they? 7 feet tall and 21 feet across. After i snapped the window shot, i took the trite and/ or tried and true photo of my feet. I liked this first one because my left foot only shows some and makes it look like one messy foot. The right foot is sitting on top of the left but it looks like one foot, albeit a bit deformed.Then there's the scar on the top of the right foot, following the big toe down 5 or 6 inches. This was from out-patient surgery 10 years back to remove bone spurs and arthritis that had gotten painful. it took a few years but is fine now. i actually was back to running fairly soon, it just takes bone a long time to heal once it is cut. And i could "feel it healing" for years.

Some favorite things sit in this room past my feet. 1930s era Chinese chest that my grandparents got in Shanghai. Dad was born there in 1924. they returned from China to the states in 1937 when Dad was 13. This after the attacking Japanese drove them, other missionaries and refuges into the mountains for 5 months. The big sea grass box, on top of the chest, holds drop cloths, towels, apron and various tools for my painting. the 1950's modern arm chair was $7 at an estate sale. We got the legs and arms professionally spray painted black when we were doing some of the other furniture for the loft. We thought we'd re-upholster the back and seat so we told them to just paint away. But it's such a cool knobby red tweed fabric with metallic green and gold threads running through - i hated to see it go. And we got lazy / over-extended after we moved in, so we just left it as is.

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  1. I was told I needed to have foot surgery to remove some pinched nerves, but I am very hesitant to do it, not to say downright opposed. You're braver than I!