Thursday, September 17, 2009

doing opla in my sleep

There is some decay + elegance, simultaneously, in these 2 remaining photos from my stream of conscientiousness images post the other day.

as I said at the end of opla-ing around, "the opla plaza lounge is a dreamy place where things converge - chaos and silence coexist."

and i am a huge fan of paradox.

I think contrasts like elegance and decay go together just fine, as indicated in this rather personal phone photo of my bedroom. yes there are the great windows and exposed, semi-painted brick. Shininess of reflections - like the top of the table and all the window light - make for some elegance. Then there are silver candle sticks (note they are tarnished) and antique ceramic lions on top of the mantle bed. I like the room i sleep in and i like this picture of it.

Then there is Grey Gardens, little Edie and her mother, big Edie. The recent film with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange i have not seen yet. it's in our queue, and coming up. but here is this actual shot of Edie in front of her house. Spooky, confidant, elegant and crazy as a bedbug - as Maureen reminded us. Also, Maureen and I have a friend who used this photo as his id picture in facebook. Captivating, fascinating.


  1. I’ve always thought there was something both beautiful and tragic about Big Edie and Little Edie. Beauty when a woman’s life is bravely unconventional and tragedy when the choices made are not her own. I am also a big fan of the paradox – both in aesthetics and in life. I leave my vintage silver with just a tinge of tarnish also ! I like the decay and style, the old and new, the trash and the treasure...

  2. Thanks to you both for well stated input!