Friday, August 21, 2009

more dreamy in full sun

Part of the dreaminess of this plaza is how empty it is. Folks passing or hanging out - and especially if they have their dogs - just adds to the visual and mental clutter. i want empty open space so my thoughts can transcend. There will always be pedestrians out on the street side perimeter, but seldom in this park. the pool is central to the upper level, and is in fact, not visible from the street.

When i stand by the water and look up over my shoulder, i see this...

And my approach is usually entering between these 2 towers. I think skyscrapers are so clean, smooth, dizzying and help the clouds have something to anchor to. White to the east and green to the north.

The emerald tower, as it's called here in Winston is a BB&T bank building - headquarters i believe. The white tampon, as it's referred to in town, is Wachovia headquarters - or i guess Wells Fargo from the west coast owns it now - they still call it Wachovia.

Parting shot, just for fun - this is facing south. and there is a pigeon standing on the far edge of the water, in the center, just to the left of the distant twin structure. You can click on the image for larger version. The bird's reflection is what you can see in the water. it's body, about to take flight, is harder to make out against the things in the distance. Below the bird that edge of the pool falls 2 stories, 20 or more feet to another pool.

Lovely water meditations.

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  1. Just like I pictured it, skyscrapers and everything!