Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MM + MM + MM = MM

1. i am a fan of Maureen.

2. i like her art talk Monroe silkscreen.

3. me in exhibit.

4. my blog Monroe.

5. me like Twitter.

6. me like McLuhan

7. three folks with MM initials

8. medium is the message = MM

Besides being a fan of Maureen McCarron's art blog, [ she has another sharp blog of her photos and observations from around new york] ....and really enjoying her revelations & educations about artists i like - Haring, Warhol, et al -.... I was dazzled by Warhol's Marilyn silk screen that she recently posted. I also needed to find the 4 Marilyn version, in particular, for updating some of my own conceptual artwork. My work is to be exhibited this fall in the BookArt exhibit at Art Space in Richmond VA. And then, 4 weeks back, i happened to talk about Marilyn Monroe on this blog after watching Niagara.

Anyway... Today I found this wonderful web exhibits site about the Warhol Marilyn work, and discovered the photo he used for his prints was a publicity shot done for Niagara. She had just died and her face was the first multi color portraits that he did. Scroll down under the large Marilyn image, on this site, and you can really manipulate the colors, play around - Andy would have loved it.

I also like to Twitter now. [bear with me] Via my Twitter, i found Marshall McLuhan and that lead to the link to his web site - he's dead too, although he lived 18 years after Marilyn.

[i know this wanders terribly.] Of course the only connection i've made for this post, so far, is the initials MM, 3 times. But i met Maureen at the same time we both were looking at Andy Warhol and hearing about Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan was all the buzz with our instructors in art school in the late 1960s. Warhol was a real inspiration. And McLuhan, when i thought i understood what he was saying, was inspiring too. "We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future."

And this Q & A from the McLuhan web site;

Why is the title of the book "The medium is the massage" and not "The medium is the message"?
Actually, the title was a mistake. When the book came back from the typesetter's, it had on the cover "Massage" as it still does. The title was supposed to have read "The Medium is the Message" but the typesetter had made an error. When Marshall McLuhan saw the typo he exclaimed, "Leave it alone! It's great, and right on target!" Now there are possible four readings for the last word of the title, all of them accurate: "Message" and "Mess Age," "Massage" and "Mass Age."

The medium is the message....or let's all get massaged. What we have to say is so fleeting and ephemeral - How we say it defines us and imprints history. i personally think Twitter is very McLuhan, and so very Warhol. Maybe not too Marilyn, but who knows - she was gone too soon. Now if i could get Maureen to tweet with me...?


  1. Maureen would probably tweet if she'd ever get over her aversion, not strong enough a word frankly, of cell phones. But you know Andy'd be all Blue Toothed up for sure. Marilyn, maybe not so much, she'd be losing them wherever she was. And while we're on the subject, why are Lindsay Lohan and Scarlet Johansen duking it out over who's more like Ms. Monroe when Britney Spears has it hands down? Look at that face, the bone structure etc, it's like she's her clone.

  2. Playing with that web exhibits site was a lot of fun. I created my very own Marilyn, will email you a copy.