Monday, August 17, 2009

phone photos in eastern VA

Back on July 8 this summer i talked about the camera on my phone - matt's pictures and mine. I was with his family this past weekend and after dinner one night, i walked out front and took a picture of my jeep. i was trying for the lovely sunset, but my camera phone got zip - just darkness. Then with the sunset behind me, i captured this shot of the car.

Dark and grainy like a bad dream when you're in dire straits and it is dark around you and your vision is failing. Then you start to squint to see better but it's no good. At least for me that's a bad dream. Well i love my jeep and i love the Peterman's place, and being with them by the river - it's not scary or dire in any way. just extra dark, when it gets dark, cause it's way out in the country.

So back to photos.

After the jeep, i walked around the house to the river side and went down on the dock. I got the lights on the dock, some light in the windows a couple of giant stars and that wonderful

twilight blue. It works so well on lots of levels; the gradation of blue getting darker from left to right. the march of lights from out by the water, up the steps and bank, onto the house. the over sized stars. and even the red and orange kayaks that look like shrouded figures retreating. and of course, sparkly water. Hummm magic.

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  1. love the dock photo! hope you had a good time!