Wednesday, September 29, 2010

farmer hat

Cousins from Richmond were with us and as always, we head to Old Salem bakery. nick is 12 and allen is 14 - they eat all the time and have both grown 5 inches in 9 months.

Everyone said i needed this hat, 1780s, for walking my doggies. i like it. but will have to wait for the farm - still a city boy at present.

It is a new hat from old style, made in Mexico, for a company in Austin. I love the smaller world, space and time.


  1. You are looking so handsome in this new hat...would love to buy one for my son...very cool.

  2. thanks ladys, for stopping by.
    Maureen, what is the job you snagged when you went to the cape?

  3. Cute store, housewares and such.