Friday, August 13, 2010

favorite rug

Sorry Patricia - i have gotten to the most lazy place as a blogger, i'm afraid. i like looking at the pictures more than worry about any text, embedded links, footnotes, Grin. this is true to the max since i play on my Tumblr blog, re blogging pictures and art as stream of consciousness surrealism, without any literate in put.

So here's a bit more as we are have cousins here and are having a very slow easy Sunday Morning.

love this one the most - i think.

Hand loomed, 100%wool...

where from? Smart ass, short answer is Farmville VA. Better answer is Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iran - but i'm not sure. We been going to GreenFront rug and furniture for years and digging thru piles of imports. I know the "Persian" ones v the Indian ones. but as much as i love them all, i have done precious little studying of the different styles and patterns.

What's a Bukhara? Well, i know that one...


  1. Nothing more than this? Where is it from? I love the colors and tribal pattern!

  2. now a bit of commentary...maybe i should do a series on some of our rugs...hummmm